Aptitude. Attitude. Aspiration.

Build your own future as a software developer & entrepreneur. 

1 year Internship to hone your skills and try your hand at making a digital product work!



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Younglings Voluntary Association is a Non-Profit Organisation dedicated to creating an environment for young people who aspire to becoming Software Developers and are passionate about the craft; in fact, they are obsessed with it!

They are encouraged to think deeply about new Digital Products that will improve their world and are allowed to explore and create these products while they spend a year with the Younglings programme as Interns.

Aptitude. Attitude. Aspiration.

Join the Younglings community. 

With access to cutting-edge resources and technologies, you'll be learning and growing with aspiring students who share the same passion as you. Every day of being a Youngling is a day of exploration and adventure driven by curiosity and ambition.


Founder Story 

Dedicated to Change

"Not everyone has an opportunity or the need to go to college and study computer science. But there are many people who have the potential to become software engineers with the right training, nurturing, and support. There are industry programs running like CapaCiti that take people straight from high school who are interested in software development. These young talents have the aptitude, attitude and the aspiration to become software engineers. I met a number of these amazing people and that’s when I thought about creating a program that facilitates a journey of learnership, internship, and apprenticeship, to nurture these young talents to reach their fullest potential and become aspiring software engineers."

- Alwyn van Wyk, Founder of Younglings


" The field changes so rapidly. As scary as that might sound, Younglings gives you the freedom to hop around and get a good scope of all the different fields."

- keanu Arendze, Younglings 2016


Story Behind Younglings

Watch interview with Alwyn, founder of Younglings, to learn the followings 


How to become a youngling

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"I was inspired by being around so many people that were passionate about technology, fuelling my interest in pursuing a career in the field."

- Amina Latief, Younglings 2016


Younglings Spotlight 

Meet some of the Younglings

who have achieved remarkable personal growth through their participation in the program.  


Rossouw Binedell, younglings 2016

Being part of Younglings I have learned and grown so much as both a software developer, and a person. The technical skills I obtained are quite wide spread and vary from cross platform mobile dev, to mainstream website dev and even to backend and systems development. All of these have made me into a wanna-be full stack developer that can create just about anything. I don’t pretend to know it all though, I’m just know that I’ve learned enough to be able to adapt to any situation/problem/product that comes my way. This would be the most important skill that I learned while being a part of younglings: The ability to teach myself.

Zafiera Davids_2.jpg

Zafiera DAVIDS, younglings 2017

I have learned about many new technologies while on the Younglings journey. Not only have I broaden my horizons as a software developer but I’ve also grown as a human being. This journey has really been an amazing experience. Since high school becoming a developer was always my goal because Information Technology was the only class I actually enjoyed. Being given the opportunity to become a Youngling only increased my love for coding. In the long term I want to become an agile software developer who has knowledge and experience in multiple technologies.

Malcolm Carelse_2.jpg

Malcolm Carelse, younglings 2017

Throughout the journey at Younglings, I have used many technologies such as Unity to develop games, Angular for web applications and Xamarin for cross-platform mobile apps. I have outgrown my shyness which I feel is my biggest accomplishment throughout the entire programme as communicating has brought me many opportunities. In long term I want to be a concept artist for FromSoftware. Before my main goal was to get into the gaming industry as a software developer. When I was younger I always wanted to make games. During my time as part of Younglings I realised that I did not enjoy the coding side of making games, I enjoyed creating the art.

Athandile Tembile_2.jpg

Athandile Tembile, younglings 2017

Through Younglings, the internship at ABSA continues to give me the benefit of experience in building different products and learning different programming languages. I’m currently involved in rebuilding a website aimed at providing school leavers with the knowledge and skills that will help them transition successfully the phase between having completed their schooling and beginning employment.

Vuyo Base_2.jpg

VUYO BASE, younglings 2017

Before joining younglings, I was in the 6 months CapaCiTi programme which is where I had an opportunity to advanced Java 6&7 with fundamentals of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.During the first six months of my internship through Younglings I began learning Web development. I worked on two sites which granted me more experience on HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Angular and this is where my focus was based during this period. 

Jean-Pierre Olwagen_2.jpg

Jean-Pierre Olwagen, younglings 2017

At Younglings I learnt web development, mainly using Angular and Typescript, but also dabbling in ReactJS, Android development and Xamarin.Working with the younglings I realised that I would like to branch out and do full stack development, with my ultimate goal being to work for Netflix.

Keeanan Idas_2.jpg

Keeanan Idas, younglings 2017

Being part of the Younglings I have learnt a lot working in an Agile manner on teams building websites using Angular 4, asp.NET Core, PostgreSQL and upskilling ourselves in mobile development using Xamarin. My goal is to become a Full-stack Web developer and continue upskilling myself in various software development technologies


a Day in the life of the Younglings